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– F4 driver –


Roni Ollikainen

– Long jumper –


Albert Eckhardt

– Golf professional –


Oona Orpana

– Tennis prodigy –


Become your potential

What does it take to make your dream come true? Attitude, hard work and having the right people around you.

This site is dedicated to young people who are intent on fulfilling their dreams. Get to know these young talents through their blogs, and don’t forget to check out how Barona can help you on your professional journey. Barona is an accelerator for reaching goals in working life.

How it all begun?

Young, talented long jumper, Roni Ollikainen, needed a sponsor. He made a video introducing himself and sent it to Tuomas Mikkonen, the Managing Director of Barona HR Services. Mikkonen was impressed by the energy and inspiring attitude that Ollikainen shone. One thing led to another and soon Barona was not only sponsoring Ollikainen, but building a special sponsorship program for young talents.

In addition to Roni Ollikainen, two other young talents were chosen for the sponsorship program: Oona Orpana and Albert “Hippu” Eckhardt. Oona is a 14-year-old tennis prodigy who needs the sponsorship to go train and compete abroad because she has no competition left in Finland. Hippu is a promising young golf player who has recently started competing professionally, and with this sponsorship program we want to support him on his way to the big greens.

Succeed with our Coaches

Like Luke Skywalker had Obi Wan Kenobi and Karate Kid had Mr. Miaki, we could all use a kickass mentor to help us beat our challenges. We want to offer the best possible support to our young talents – and you. The expert coaches we’ve picked mentor our young talents, and they share their knowledge with you.

Here you go, meet our mentors:






Barona has been reaching its potential since 1999. It all started with two students – Markus Oksa and Mikko Leppänen, a business idea, an old van and a fax machine. Sitting in their small studio apartment, it must have been impossible to imagine where those first steps would take them in the next fifteen years.

Today Barona is exchanging 160 million euros and employs more than 14 000 individuals per annum, has international operations in six countries outside Finland and has expanded from its expertise from the initial blue collar jobs to recruiting in the fields of IT, construction, logistics, industrial, health and social care and office services. The company has grown into the market leader in the Finnish recruitment services market and is among the 50 largest employers in Finland. Markus Oksa is still the CEO of Barona Group and Mikko Leppänen is a member of the board.

Though Barona is a Nordic success story, the journey hasn’t always been smooth sailing. With a brave attitude Barona has faced whatever circumstances have arisen – and our ability to adapt to changing situations and to learn new things has helped us reach our potential. Now we want to help others reach their potential – in sports and in working life. Read more:



Onni löytyy osaajayhteisöstä? Ainakin tiukan paikan tullen, kun tarvitaan joustavasti osaaja töihin. #alustapalvelu https://t.co/1fqBG7tayk

- June 23, 2017




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